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The following courses are being offered at Back Works. Please check this page regularly as new courses may be added.​

  • NDTA Advanced Gait Course - June 19 - 23, 2019 Registration Form

  • The Thorax -- Connect the Whole Body & Optimize Performance with ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™ - June 5 - 8, 2019 Registration Form

  • The ConnectTherapy™ Series Ont 2019/2020 - Build your Clinical Expertise | ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™ - Oct 2019 - July 2020 Registration Form

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NDTA Advanced Gait Course


Dates:  June 19 – 23, 2019 - Download Registration Form


Course Description

This five-day advanced course is designed for physical and occupational therapists working, with clients with stroke or brain injuries, interested in further developing their assessment and treatment skills to enhance the patient/client’s function in the upright posture.  The interrelationship of the lower extremity with other body segments and systems is emphasized.  Analysis of functional tasks, specifically the movement components that contribute to a person's independent performance of tasks in the upright posture will be addressed.  Therapists will have an opportunity to revisit the biomechanical components of normal gait, discuss and analyze common deviations of gait in the above-mentioned patient populations and learn potential treatment strategies to diminish the impact of gait deviations on the patient’s ability to function while ambulating.  As a prerequisite to attend this course, participants must have completed an NDT/Bobath Certificate Course in the Management of Adults with Stroke and Brain Injury (formerly Adults with Hemiplegia) or a Certificate Course in the Treatment and Management of Individuals with Cerebral Palsy.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify components of normal gait
  • Identify components of lower extremity biomechanics
  • Analyze gait deviations
  • Observe, analyze and synthesize effective and ineffective posture and movement and its impact on a client’s functional abilities/limitations as it relates to gait and function in the upright posture
  • Analyze atypical movement patterns and identify impairments which interfere with function
  • Synthesize information to develop appropriate treatment strategies that address the patient’s primary impairments interfering with efficient function and particularly with regards to functional tasks in the upright posture
  • Demonstrate, during treatment practicum, options for handling skills to optimize the individual’s function and enhance his/her ability to achieve patient/client specific goals


Karen Guha, PT, BSc PT, C/NDT, CIDN, NDTA™ Coordinator Instructor

Karen is a Physiotherapist at Grand River Hospital and Back Works Spinal and Sports Rehabilitation.  She received her Physical Therapy degree from the University of Toronto in 1996 and became NDT trained in 1999.  Karen became a NDTA™ PT Instructor in 2007 and a NDTA™ Coordinator Instructor in 2011.  She has over 20 years’ experience working with adults with neurological impairments in acute, rehabilitation and outpatient settings.  Karen has taught NDT courses throughout North America and internationally. In 2017, Karen completed her certification in Integrated Dry Needling. She also serves on committees with the NDTA™ Instructors’ Group.


Karen Brunton, PT, C/NDT, NDTA™ Coordinator Instructor

Karen is a Physical Therapist with over 35 years of experience working with clients with neurological impairments in acute, rehabilitation, long term care and outpatient settings. Karen has been an NDTA™ Adult Course Coordinator Instructor since 1991, Advanced Course Instructor since 1996 and an instructor with the International Bobath Instructors Training Association (IBITA) from 1997 to 2018. She holds an adjunct lecturer appointment with the Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Karen has taught NDTA™ Certificate and Advanced courses internationally and extensively throughout North America (Canada, United States and Mexico). She has presented on various topics at NDTA™ National Conference, Ontario Physiotherapy Conference and Canadian Physiotherapy Congress.

Additionally, Karen has served on many committees within the NDTA™ Instructors’ Group and on the NDTA™ Board of Directors.


Course Format

This course consists of lecture, lab handling sessions, patient treatment by course participants and patient demonstrations by course instructors.  Advanced patient handling skills will be developed inter-actively through problem-solving activities and handling with other participants.  Participants will treat patients on four of the five course days. The instructors will provide feedback and direction to the course participants during the patient treatment sessions.  


Participants must be a registered Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist who has successfully completed a 3-week or 8-week NDT/Bobath Certificate Course.



Conestoga College, Cowan Health Sciences Centre, 299 Doon Valley Drive, Kitchener, Ontario  Accommodation Details



The fee for this five-day course is:

  • NDTA Members:                             $1150 + HST = $1299.50 CAD
  • Non-NDTA Members:                    $1400 + HST = $1582.00 CAD

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received in writing and all refunds are subject to a 10% administrative fee.  After May 6, 2019 & in the event that a replacement cannot be found, no refunds will be granted.


For more information contact Back Works at (519) 746-8172 or


The Thorax -- Connect the Whole Body & Optimize Performance with ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™ - 4 Day Format


Dates:  June 5 - 8, 2019 -- Download Registration Form



Conestoga College, 299 Doon Valley Drive, Kitchener, ON N2G 4M4


The thorax forms the largest region of the spine and trunk and is essential for respiration while ensuring effective transfer of loads through the kinetic chain for optimal whole body function and performance. Trunk rotation and rotational control are essential for performance in many functional and sports activities. While much “core stability” has focused around the lumbar spine and pelvis, the thorax is the centre of trunk rotation, and all of the abdominal muscles are innervated from the thorax. A dysfunctional thorax can drive asymmetrical abdominal function, making it difficult to achieve symmetry and balanced rotational control no matter what the cues or training activity.


Based on her clinical ideas and research work on the thorax over the past 15 years, Dr. LJ Lee has proposed multiple mechanisms by which a dysfunctional thorax can be the “Primary Driver” for pain and problems anywhere from your head to your toes – including pelvic girdle pain, groin pain / hip impingement, incontinence, disc injuries, lower extremity overuse syndromes such as Achilles tendinopathy, head and neck pain, and shoulder girdle dysfunction. Thus, a patient with a dysfunctional thorax can present with a wide variety of symptoms and functional problems.


On this 4-day course, you will learn the manual skills and clinical reasoning framework of the Thoracic Ring Approach and ConnectTherapy to determine when the thorax is or is not the primary driver for pain or reduced performance during whole body movements. These skills provide the base to examine the thoracic rings across a wide variety of meaningful tasks. Specific thoracic ring treatment techniques developed by LJ will be practiced, along with specific exercise training and program design for optimal neuromuscular control and loading of the thoracic rings. This 4-day version of the course allows more time for hands-on skill practice and more in-depth application of LJ’s new phases of treatment and exercise prescription to progress to high load function and activities requiring control with speed.


Instructor Name: Dr. Linda-Joy Lee


Cost: $1,400 + 13% HST (Canadian)

For more information please contact Janine Tasaka, Director of Education Planning at or call 1.604.986.2777


This course is the pre-requisite for the course Advanced Thoracic Ring Control – Exercise Prescription & Program Design in The Thoracic Ring Approach™ and ConnectTherapy™

The ConnectTherapy™ Series Ontario 2019/2020 - Build your Clinical Expertise | ConnectTherapy™ & the Thoracic Ring Approach™


Dates:                                                           Download Registration Form
Part 1: October 21 - 25, 2019
Part 2: March 2 - 6, 2020
Part 3: Sun June 28 - Fri July 3, 2020 (Please Note: Day off for Wed July 1st - Canada Day)



Conestoga College, 299 Doon Valley Drive, Kitchener, ON N2G 4M4


Course Description:

The ConnectTherapy Series is a 3 Part, 9-month learning experience, taught by Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee. It provides in-depth hands-on and clinical reasoning skills in The Thoracic Ring Approach™ and ConnectTherapy™ models. These models illuminate the connections between all regions and systems of the body and integrate psychosocial features to treat the whole person by “Finding the Drivers” for the person’s problem. The ConnectTherapy Series replaces the Discover Physio Series and incorporates significant advances and changes made by LJ, to the previously taught Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain (Lee LJ, Lee DG 2010). This includes LJ’s new ConnectTherapy Drivers Diagnostic Chart™ (DDC) and clinical reasoning algorithm to diagnose Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Co-Drivers with a comprehensive and logical process. The new DDC also links with a new ConnectTherapy Treatment Principles and Exercise Prescription Framework. Identifying Drivers and changing the patient’s negative experience of their body to a positive experience during Meaningful Task Analysis (Lee LJ 2008) is a powerful vehicle for change. This “Wow” factor has neurophysiological implications. Therapists can then confidently design treatment programs that target the true source of the problem and expect positive change. The innovative Thoracic Ring Approach™ (Lee LJ) is covered in depth, based on LJ’s personal, clinical and research journey on how the thorax affects the function of the whole body. This includes how to assess and treat dual thoracic drivers, new advanced thoracic ring exercises and concepts in program design. In every area of the body, from the cranium to the foot, unique assessment and treatment techniques are related to how they support optimal function & performance of the whole body and whole person. The ConnectTherapy Series empowers you with new ways to assess and treat your patients, integrates the science from multiple fields with clinical expertise to figure out how to most efficiently and effectively treat your patients. It is a year that will illuminate new possibilities for growth and change. 


Course Structure:

The course consists of 15 days of face-to-face learning, spread out over 3-five day sessions (Parts 1-3) and combined with extensive online support and directed course preparation:

Online videos covering practical demonstrations, lectures and case studies

Book and journal article recommended readings, directed anatomy & biomechanics review to prepare for each part of the ConnectTherapy Series

Online peer and tutor support via an online forum. The forum is secure so that patient case studies with photos and videos can be posted and discussed for optimal facilitation problem solving

There is a high Instructor/Assistant to Student Ratio (at least 1:6) to ensure a high level of quality feedback for skill acquisition and development of clinical reasoning skills. Let the ConnectTherapy Series Challenge your Mind and Change your World, and the worlds of your patients.

Instructor Name: Dr. Linda-Joy Lee


Cost: $5,400 + 13% HST (Canadian)

For more information please contact Janine Tasaka, Director of Education Planning at or call 1.604.986.2777


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