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Fit Fore Golf

Finally, after a long winter, golf season is almost here!


Many golfers find putting to be one of the most challenging parts of their game.  In most sports, an athlete looks at the target when either shooting or passing a ball.  For example, when a basketball player shoots a 3 pointer, their focus is on the basket; when a pitcher throws the baseball they are focused on the catcher's glove. Why then does a golfer look at the ball when they are putting? Try this has worked for me! When you are on the putting green practicing your 4 foot putts, look at the hole during your practice strokes (try 3 or 4). When you are ready to putt, place the putter behind the ball and look at the hole again while you make the putt. It will feel strange at first, but I think many people will find they start making more short putts! It should be noted that for longer putts, requiring a larger backswing, this technique may not work as well, so try it out on the practice green first, before it counts on the course!


Golfers, like any other athletes, have injuries that either affect their performance.  The first few rounds can be particularly challenging on the body as your muscles and joints may not be as flexible as they were pre-winter.  Back Works is pleased to offer assessments and treatments focused on golf specific rehabilitation from a FitForeGolf trained therapist.  Call today to set up an appointment with Dave Gilman to have your golf swing assessed and get some pointers on preventing injury this golf season. 

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October 16, 2018
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November 30, 2014
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